Worldwide Song Collaboration

The Worldwide Song Collaboration operated during 2014 and 2015.

People from around the world collaborated, making music, artwork and dance pieces in different languages and styles. The project sought to break down barriers and demonstrate our inter-connectedness, mixing together music from all genres and cultures.

Centred around the Basement Jaxx "Power To The People" song, the site enabled users to mix musical elements from different versions of the song and create a megamix version to listen/watch, combining parts from different countries, musical styles and languages, making infinite cohesive new hybrids of the song.

The first version was created by the Recycled Orchestra in Paraguay in early 2014. Their story of making musical instruments from trash, to create a childrens' orchestra that played Mozart was truly inspiring and fitted perfectly with the ethos of the project. Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx went out to record them in Paraquay, ending up recording additional versions on the Paraguayan Harp and a spanish vocal version whilst he was there.

We would like to thank EVERYBODY INVOLVED and are very grateful to all those who contributed to the project..from India, Japan, France, Kenya, Thailand, England, Korea, Russia, America and all corners of the globe. Versions from different religions and cultures. We are One.

Please enjoy videos of the many contributions HERE

"Can't you see child, everything is connected, every breath is significant, each action precious"